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United States Police and Fire Championships (USPFC)
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TEAM–OPEN(18+): MEN’S(5-Man) WOMEN’S (5-Woman)

A Team consists of a maximum of 12 players plus 1 non-playing coach


Sport Coordinator: The Coordinator must be at the venue during competition. The Coordinator shall supervise all facets of play.

Assistant Coordinator: When using more than one venue the Coordinator must ensure that an Assistant Coordinator is at each venue during competition.

Credentials Official: This person works under the supervision of the Sport Coordinator, and is responsible for verifying that each player in each game is properly credentialed (competitor pass and agency identification). If multiple venues are utilized, one Credentials Official must be assigned to each venue.

NCAA Rated – Two referees shall be assigned to each game.

Scorekeeper: A scorekeeper must be assigned for each game. The scorekeeper works under the direction of the referees.

Timekeeper: A timekeeper must be assigned for each game. The timekeeper works under the direction of the referees. The timekeeper should never be used simultaneously as the scorekeeper.

Shotclock Timekeeper: A shotclock timekeeper must be assigned for each game and works under the direction of the referee.


Check-in table workers: the Host must provide a minimum of one (1) person to work the competitor check-in table located at each venue each day of competition. They work under the direct supervision of the Sport Coordinator and must be familiar with the USPFC rules for competitor check-in procedures.

October 2017

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The Host must provide basic medical supplies for competitors including ice packs, bandages and elastic wraps.

Communications shall be available at each venue and preparations made in case it is necessary to summon emergency services.


Indoor basketball gymnasium: Every effort should be made to secure the best indoor facilities possible. Spectator seating for a minimum of 200 people must be available at each venue.

Courts must be regulation size with 3-point lines marked.

Enough courts must be secured to avoid early morning or late evening games. Scheduling of games should facilitate as little travel and change of venues as possible. A minimum of three courts are required.

If possible, locker rooms and shower facilities should be made available at each venue.

If possible, the venues should be made available to competitors for practice and familiarization the day prior to the tournament.


Basketballs: Host shall provide one game ball for each court. If balls are new, allow for some practice with those balls, as new balls are often slippery. NOTE: the ball used for the Women’s event will be the official size as designated by the NCAA for Women’s competition.

Each team is responsible for bringing its own practice balls.

Timekeeping: An electronic game clock and a 35-second shotclock (30 second for women) shall be used at each court for each game.

Scoreboard: Electronic scoreboards must be used in all games.

Miscellaneous equipment: Pencils, clipboards, scorebooks, chairs, and seating for competitors. Water and/or liquid refreshments shall be provided by the Host for the competitors.

Bracket charts: Large bracket charts shall be clearly posted and updated at each venue so that the competitors will know where and when they are scheduled to play their next game.

Double Elimination: Bracketing Rules.

October 2017

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NOTE: This event may be bracketed as ROUND ROBIN (POOL PLAY) with Single Elimination finals to allow for more games played if Host has sufficient courts, and with the approval of the USPFC.

Schedule for 6 days of competition.
Allow for 2 hours per game. There is a 15 minute forfeit rule in “5 on 5”.

GENERAL SPORTS RULES for Basketball 5×5

Each team shall designate an individual to function as the team captain during each game (refer to General Sports Rules).

A Non-Playing Coach may be of either sex. A Sworn Non-Playing Coach may receive a medal only if he/she has registered, participates as a coach and meets the USPFC rules of eligibility (refer to General Sports Rules).

Competitors who wish to play on an Open (18+) 5-Man/Woman team may do so regardless of their age. 18+, 30+, 40+ and 50+ men/women may compete in both the 5-Man/Woman Team event and the 3 on 3 Unisex event. If a conflict in games’ schedules occurs due to a competitor entering both sports, the competitor must choose the event he/she will compete in. The Host shall not adjust game schedules to accommodate individual competitors/teams. The Host will not refund entry fees due to this scheduling conflict.

Each game will consist of two twenty (20) minute halves. The game clock will be stopped on all dead ball situations.

A team must begin the game with five (5) players, but if it has no substitutes to replace disqualified players, it must continue with fewer than five (5). When there is only one player participating for a team, the team shall forfeit the game.

All competitors must wear a team uniform. Uniform shirts must be numbered and identical in color.

Prior to each teams’ first game, a meeting must be held between the referees and the coach and captain from each participating team to clarify rules and conduct of play.

Any serious violation of conduct, such as fighting or violence toward players or officials will result in the player(s) immediate ejection from that game and his/her automatic suspension from his/her team’s next scheduled game. The sport coordinator shall immediately notify the USPFC, who will investigate each incident to determine if additional discipline is to be imposed.

NOTE: Basketball is a very physical game. The referees shall be briefed by the Host Sport Coordinator regarding the USPFC Rules of Conduct (refer to General Sports Rules).

An NCAA Basketball Rule Book must be available at all venues.

October 2017

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A maximum of 26 sets of medals (1st through 3rd place) will be needed. All registered team members of the placing teams, who are present at the event, receive medals. USPFC will advise you of the number of sets needed based on total entries, plus a reasonable margin.




The USPFC Director assigned to your sport is knowledgeable and experienced in providing assistance during the preparation and running of the sport. Questions, a detailed accounting of your preparations, and any area requiring approval of the USPFC shall be submitted in a timely
manner to this USPFC Director.

The USPFC Directors want to work with you to make your sport a success.


October 2017

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