Billards rules

Billards rules


United States Police and Fire Championships (USPFC)
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., #107. San Diego CA 92111
Tele. (858) 571-9919; FAX: (858) 571-1641; E-mail:

Billiard Congress of America (BCA)
12303 Airport Way, Suite 290
Broomfield, CO 80021
Tele: (866) 852-0999


Straight Pool (14.1) Singles Competition Only.
Nine Ball Singles Competition Only.
Eight Ball Singles Competition Only.


Sport Coordinator


Basic medical supplies, such as a first aid kit will be provided by the USPFC at each venue. Communications shall be available at each venue and preparations made in case it is necessary to summon emergency services.


A facility is required with a minimum of 12 pocket tables. Each table to be (4 1/2′ x 9′). There should also be sufficient room between the tables that there is no interference from one match to another.


Results sheets will be furnished by USPFC


Double Elimination Bracket


Experience has shown that 4 days of play are needed.

First day: complete all Nine-Ball competition.
Second day: complete all Eight Ball competition.
Third and Fourth day: complete all Straight Pool competition.

Recommended: Beginning at 8:30 a.m. each day for player’s meeting. There will be 45 minutes of practice time and games will begin promptly at 9:45 a.m. No exceptions. As the events are all double elimination, a late player will be marked “forfeit” and the player’s name will be moved to the losers’ side of the bracketing.

Day 1 – Nine Ball (BCA Rules) – Allow approximately 12 hours to complete this day.

Day 2 – Eight Ball (BCA Rules) – Allow approximately 14 hours to complete this day.

Day 3 & 4- Straight Pool (BCA Rules) – Allow approximately 12 hours to complete this day.


Nine Ball: Preliminary matches: First competitor to win 5 matches (race to 5)
Quarter Finals: First competitor to win 5 matches (race to 5)
Semi-Finals: First competitor to win 6 matches (race to 6)
Finals: First competitor to win 6 matches (race to 6)

Eight Ball: Preliminary matches: First competitor to win 5 matches (race to 5)
Quarter Final: First competitor to win 5 matches (race to 5)
Semi-Finals: First competitor to win 5 matches (race to 5)
Finals: First competitor to win 6 matches (race to 6)

Straight Pool: (14.1): Preliminary matches: All matches to 100 points.
Quarter-Finals & Semi-Finals: All Quarter-Finals to 100 points,
Semi-Finals to 125 points
Final Matches to 125 points

GENERAL SPORTS RULES for Pocket Billiards

The current issue of the BCA rule book entitled “RULES FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY AND GENERAL RULES OF POCKET BILLIARDS” will be strictly adhered to.

The rule of fouling an object ball accidentally will be waived in the absence of a formal referee or an impartial third person.

It is unfair for the shooting player to bend over the table for his/her shot and to have his/her opponent then declare “your shirt or your jacket or some other part of you” touched an object ball. The shooter has no defense against this type of charge mainly because he/she neither can see it (his/her head and eyes are well ahead of his/her body) nor can he/she feel this declared rule violation. All professional games abide by the “Foul on the Cue Ball Only” rule except where a referee or impartially third person is in charge.

Accidentally moved object ball/balls (without a referee): Upon mutual agreement between the shooter and his/her opponent said moved object ball/balls will be returned to original position. However if this cannot be mutually agreed on: THE NON-SHOOTER WILL PREVAIL. Reason: if a referee had been in charge the shooter would have had no say whatever. The shooter would have lost his/her turn at the table, be penalized one point for the foul and the referee would have returned the ball/balls as near as possible as to his/her (the referee’s) best recollection.

A deliberate, intentional disturbance of any object ball/balls is subject to immediate disqualification and loss of that match and possible total disqualification from further tournament participation.

BCA rules specifically provide for unsportsmanlike conduct penalties to be imposed by the tournament director.

Tournament Director to see that no player is compelled to play two consecutive matches on the same table without the consent of both players.

Special notes for rule of play: SIMULTANEOUS HITS

Nine Ball – A legal shot requires that the cue ball’s first contact be with the lowest numbered ball
on the table. Therefore when the possibility of a simultaneous hit presents itself,
(and no referee is officiating) it will be the responsibility of the shooter to request
that an independent/neutral observer approach the table (as close as possible)
without interfering with the shooter and stand in such a manner that he/she is able to
view both balls in question. His/her eyes to be as near as possible directly over the
object ball to be struck first and thus render a decision as to the legality of the hit.
The observers decision will be final.

Eight Ball – Once a player has qualified to be either on “solids” or “stripes”, his/her initial
contact by the cue ball must be with said declaration of “solid” or “stripe”. No
simultaneous hits. Therefore, as in Nine Ball, the shooter is to call for an
independent observer whose decision will again be final.


You will need three (4) sets of medals. (1st through 3rd place).


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