United States Police and Fire Championships (USPFC)
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., #107. San Diego CA 92111
Tele. 858-571-9919; FAX: 858-571-1641; E-mail:

United States Bowling Congress (USBC) 5301 South 76th St.
Greendale, WI 53129-1127 U.S.A.
Tele. 800.514.2695; FAX: (414) 421-1194 Website:

Tournament sanction: (414) 423-3255
USBC rules will be used unless there is a conflicting USPFC rule.

Unisex Open:
Men’s “A” Division: Men’s “B” Division: Women’s “A” Division: Women’s “B” Division:

Combined team average of 380 & over Combined team average of 340 – 379 Combined team average of 339 & under Combined team average of 340 -379 Combined team average of 339 & under

SINGLES and “ALL EVENTS” will be held in the following Skill categories:

For Bowlers 18 years & over:

Unisex Open (Skill) Division: Men’s “A” Division:
Men’s “B” Division: Women’s “A” Division: Women’s “B” Division:

Average 190 & over Average 170 – 189 Average 169 & under Average 170 – 189 Average 169 & under

For Bowlers 50 years & over (Unisex):

Open (Skill) Division: “A” Division:
“B” Division:

Average 190 & over Average 170 – 189 Average 169 & under

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TEAM (4 Person) (Unisex):


Combined team average of 760 & over Combined team average of 680 – 759 Combined team average of 679 & under

DOUBLES (2 Bowlers) will be held in the following Skill categories:

There are no 50 years and over age categories in the Team and Doubles events. 50 years and over competitors must enter Doubles and Team events in the specific Men’s/Women’s Division their average dictates, or Doubles/Team combining rules specify. A 50 years and over competitor may bowl in 50 years and over, or 18 years and over, age category in Singles and

October 2017

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“All Events”, but not both. Individuals may enter each event (Teams, Doubles, and Singles) only once.

ROLL-OFF is a separate event. It is held after all flights are completed and is comprised of the top 5 bowlers in All Events regardless of division or gender. Medals will be awarded in order of finish. (See General Sports Rules.)

OFFICIALS Sport Coordinator

Rules Expert – Be sure there is an expert in USBC rules at bowling site(s) the entire tournament. The house will usually have a person knowledgeable in USBC rules.


Provide one scorekeeper for each two lanes. If lanes have automatic scoring a monitor must be present who is knowledgeable in the operation of the automatic scoring machines (one monitor per 10 lanes is sufficient).


Basic medical supplies, such as a first aid kit will be provided by the Host at each venue. Communications shall be available at each venue and preparations made in case it is necessary to summon emergency services.


36 lanes is “recommended”. (The number of lanes required varies with the number of participants, but the general rule is: the bigger, the better.)


Bowlers will be scheduled to bowl only one event each day. (Exception – a bowler may request to bowl Doubles and Singles in one day to avoid scheduling conflicts with other events. The bowling Coordinator may grant that request if it does not pose any scheduling problems in bowling.)

Teams are comprised of 4 bowlers. Four bowlers “must” enter Team event.
Doubles are comprised of 2 bowlers. Two bowlers “must” enter Doubles event. EXCEPTION: Team or Doubles bowlers may request “pool” players to fill out their roster.

October 2017

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If a Team bowler or Doubles bowler is late or unable to show, the bowlers present may bowl. A score of zero (0) will be taken for each frame the absent bowler misses. No other blind scores will be used. (This will allow bowlers to have a chance in “All Events” when their team member doesn’t show.)

As much as possible, bracketing should result in Team, Doubles and Singles bowlers on the same pair of lanes, being from different departments and from different areas. Do not schedule more than eight (8) bowlers on each pair of lanes.

If the event is scheduled, it must be conducted regardless of the number of entrants that show.

During scheduling, if an “A” or “B” Division event has fewer than two entrants, the entrant may be moved to a higher division at the entrant’s option rather than have their application and fees returned.

After scheduling is completed, each competitor must be notified of their starting time using a confirmation letter, or e-mail provided by the Host.


Singles will not be scheduled in the morning and afternoon. This applies to doubles also. (Everyone will bowl doubles and singles under similar lane conditions.)

The schedule is:
Morning Session:

Singles (Open, A & B) Singles (Open, A & B) Team (Open, A & B)

< Day 1 > < Day 2 > < Day 3 >

Afternoon Session: Doubles (Open, A & B) Doubles (Open, A & B) Team (Open, A & B)

EXCEPTION: If entries numbers are very low, the schedule may be adjusted to schedule one event each day. USPFC Director must approve this change and competitors must be notified.

Recommended Squad Times:

Morning Session Check-in: 7:00 AM Competition starts at 8:00 AM

Afternoon Session Check-in: 12:00 PM (Noon) Competition starts at 1:00 PM

No practice is allowed after lanes are conditioned for tournament play or between squads. Exception: 5 minutes of practice should be allowed immediately prior to the start of each squad.

As much as possible “B” Division should not be scheduled to bowl on the same pair of lanes with “A” Division or “Open” Division. “A” Division should not be scheduled to bowl on the same pair of lanes with “Open” Division.

Remember to schedule time for the Roll-Off after the last flight. This can usually be done while results are being computed.

Team events usually last 4 hours. (2 teams/pair of lanes)

October 2017

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Doubles events usually last 4 hours. (8 bowlers/pair of lanes)

Singles events usually last 3 hours. (6-8 bowlers/pair of lanes)

A roster listing each Team, Doubles and Singles bowlers, check-in and starting times and dates shall be posted at Games Headquarters during all registration hours. A similar roster should be posted at the bowling center. EXCEPTION: This may be waived if all competitors have been notified and have access to the coordinators e-mail address and/or phone number.


Scoring will be done only by a scorekeeper. Only scorekeepers will turn in scoresheets to bowling coordinator. If the lanes have automatic scoring, scoring will be monitored by tournament personnel.

All Events is the cumulative score of a bowler’s Team, Doubles and Singles scores.


Each day results will be posted both at the bowling center after the days’ competition. The Bowling Coordinator is responsible for turning in to the USPFC office in the headquarters area the final results listing 1st through 3rd in each event, immediately after the conclusion of the bowling competition. A results form should be provided for you by the Host Coordinating Committee or one may be obtained at the USPFC office.

GENERAL SPORTS RULES for Bowling DIVISIONS – There will be three divisions.

OPEN DIVISION: All bowlers having a league average of 190 or over as of May 31st of the year of competition will bowl Open division. Open Division bowlers need not verify their averages if they are competing only in Open Division events.

NOTE: Men competitors with no verifiable average will compete in Open Division for Singles and All Events. A 200 average will be used for placement in Team and Doubles events.

“A” DIVISION: All bowlers with verifiable league averages of 170 to (and including) 189 as of May 31st of the year of competition will bowl “A” Division.

NOTE: Women competitors with no verifiable average will compete in “A” Division for Singles and All Events. A 189 average will be used for placement in Team and Doubles events.

“B” DIVISION: All bowlers with verifiable league averages of 169 and below as of May 31st of the year of competition will bowl “B” Division.

“A” and “B” Division competitors must obtain verification from his/her local bowling association or national affiliate listing the competitors highest 21 game League average as of May 31st of the year

October 2017

BOWLING (10 PIN) – Page 5

of competition. This verification must be signed by a Bowling Association Official with the phone number where that official can be contacted. It must be presented at check-in prior to competition. Falsification of averages will result in disqualification. Every bowler who is a current member of USBC must bring their USBC card to the event and submit their membership number with their Entry.

A computer printout from a “sanctioned” USBC web site may be substituted for the verification card. The bowling coordinator must be able to verify the average at the official web site. LEAGUE STANDING SHEETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Please include the above paragraph in both the Registration Book under Bowling and the Bowling Confirmation Letter.

The Coordinator must be able to verify the bowlers’ average at the phone or website information provided. If, after timely and reasonable efforts verification cannot be made at the number or website provided the bowler will be moved to the highest division (Open) Division for men and (A) Division for women.

It shall be each bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her average, whether originally submitted by the bowler, the team captain, or others. Failure to use the correct average thereby resulting in a lower classification shall disqualify the score if submitted average is lower than bowler’s correct average. The score shall be allowed based on the submitted average if it is higher than the bowler’s correct average.

To ensure the integrity of “A” and “B” division, the coordinator must verify averages of medal winners, before the medals are awarded.

All bowlers must be familiar with the “average adjustment” rules of USBC. These rules apply if the bowler’s adjusted average places him/her in a higher division. These rules will apply to all bowlers.

It is the “A” Division and “B” Division bowler’s responsibility to see that their average is verifiable according to these rules. “A” Division and “B” Division winners’ medals will not be awarded until after the verification process.

AGAIN, “LEAGUE STANDING SHEETS” will not be used for average verification.

Any combination of men and/or women may be on the Teams. There are not exclusively Men’s or Women’s Team events. There is no Mixed Doubles event.

Regardless of the division in which a competitor bowls Team and/or Doubles, each will continue to bowl Singles in his/her appropriate division. (It is conceivable that a bowler could bowl in “B” Singles, “A” Doubles and “Open” Team.)

The bowler’s “All Events” division will be the same as that of their Singles division.

[If Joe bowls “A” Division Team and “B” Division Doubles and Singles, his “All Events” total will be under “B” Division “All Events” to correspond to his “B” Division Singles.]

No fee other than entry fees may be charged; no USBC or other membership card shall be required. October 2017

BOWLING (10 PIN) – Page 6

SANCTIONING: A “moral” sanction should be obtained through USBC. The local bowling association can assist with this process, however, the sanction is obtained through USBC. (See page 1 of Bowling Rules for address and phone number.) A moral sanction allows those affiliated with the sanctioning body to bowl in a sanctioned tournament, but does not require non-members to obtain membership.

Five games will be bowled for each event. Only the first three games qualify for USBC awards.

Three games will be bowled on the first pair of lanes. Bowlers will then rotate lanes and bowl the final two games on a second pair of lanes.

“The house should be divided into sections of six to ten lanes per section. Bowlers will rotate lanes within the section where they are assigned. Bowlers must be assigned to different lanes for each event. The end pair of lanes should be left open if possible.”

Bowlers will be disqualified if they consume alcoholic beverages while competing.

When completing Confirmation Letters referred to in the Bracketing section, you have an excellent opportunity to provide necessary information to all competitors. It is a good idea to include general information about the bowling center, its available facilities (e.g., restaurant, babysitting, pro-shop, etc.) and a map or instructions on how to get there.

E-mails to competitors MUST be done without the list of recipients names being visible. A current USBC rule book must be at the event site.

At the conclusion of all regular bowling events the five bowlers with the highest “All Events” scores, regardless of division or gender will be chosen to bowl in a (TV-style) Roll-Off. The Roll-Off should start immediately following the final Team event and prior to medal presentations.

If there is a tie for any of the five high scores, a one game Roll-Off will determine the order of any place in question.

One game will be bowled by two bowlers in an elimination Roll-Off.

The sequence is as follows:

loser 1st Match loser 2nd Match loser 3rd Match loser 4th Match winner 4th Match

1st Match 2nd Match 3rd Match 4th Match

5th vs. 4th
winner 1st Match vs. 3rd winner 2nd Match vs. 2nd winner 3rd Match vs. 1st

3rd place 2nd place 1st place

Medals will be awarded for placing, as shown.

Bowlers must be appraised in writing (in confirmation letter or handout in registration packet) of how they can qualify for this event in order that they may be present if they are in contention.

Should any of the 1st through 5th place bowlers be unavailable for the Roll-Off then replacements will be chosen in order of final standings (i.e. 6th, 7th, etc.).

October 2017

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In each game the bowler with the highest position in the standings will choose the lane on which he/she wishes to start. The opponent will have the choice of bowling first or second. The lead-off bowler will start by bowling one frame on the predetermined lane. His/Her opponent will start on the opposing lane and bowl one frame on each lane. The competitors will then alternate bowling two frames (one on each lane) until the game is completed. The lead-off bowler will again bowl a single frame in the 10th frame. In case of a tie each bowler will bowl a 9th and 10th frame. This will be repeated until the tie is broken.


A maximum of 36 sets of medals (1st through 3rd place) will be required. Remember all team members get a medal! USPFC will advise you of the number of sets needed based on total entries, plus a reasonable margin.




The USPFC Director assigned to your sport is knowledgeable and experienced in providing assistance during the preparation and running of the sport. Questions, a detailed accounting of your preparations, and any area requiring approval of the USPFC shall be submitted in a timely
manner to this USPFC Director.

The USPFC Directors want to work with you to make your sport a success.


October 2017

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