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At USPFC, the health and well-being of the public safety and first responder community is one of our mission’s cornerstones. Whether you are a runner, swimmer, weightlifter, horseshoe thrower, or boxer, fitness, training and self-care is paramount to success not only in your sport(s) but in your day to day lives both on and off the job.

With gyms, fitness franchises and clubs closed and/or limiting capacity upon reopening; we are all finding new ways and places to stay in shape. With that in mind, we are inviting you to challenge each other AND our staff as we launch the #USPFCTrainingGround Presented by ICMA-RC. We would like you to submit a mini workout that we will post via our social media channels, and every other week we will select an exercise to be featured in our newsletter.


  • USPFC Athletes (past and present)
  • Fitness experts focused on helping first responders and public safety personnel with their health and wellness journey


ALL submissions will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel, With your health and wellness in mind, we encourage you to

  • Share the sport or reason for your training
  • Accept any or all of these fitness challenges,
  • Challenge your fellow first responders / public safety personnel to participate
  • Film yourselves and your teammates, peer groups, family, and/or friends completing any or all of our #USPFCTrainingGround challenges,
  • Email your videos to and you will be eligible to win prize(s).

#USPFCTrainingGround Challenge videos must include:

  • “#USPFCTrainingGround” somewhere in the video – sign, chalk art, etc. overlay graphic
  • Number of reps per exercise OR length of time per exercise
  • Number of rounds per workout OR total length of time per workout
  • Give clear, concise cues as to how to do the exercise – these can be verbal or written notes in the video


  • Video length is no more than 2 minutes with a demonstration of each exercise
  • Workout challenge should include between 3 and 5 exercises
  • Exercises can be interval training, HIIT, cardio, endurance, yoga, pilates, meditation, etc. 

For those who want to participate in a #USPFCTrainingGround challenge, and to be eligible for prizes, please including “#USPFCTrainingGround” somewhere – sign, chalk art, etc. overlay graphic in your video.  Prizes will be awarded as videos will be judged based on completion of the exercises.   Extra points will be given for background music, creativity, location, and/or the amount of fun demonstrated in the video!


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