Guidelines and Application

Guidelines and Application


To honor and recognize athletes, coaches, managers, officials, and supporters of the United States Police & Fire Championships. The recipients of the award must have demonstrated the highest caliber of competition, sportsmanship, and/or support of the Games.


In order to nominate an individual to receive the Hall of Fame award, a completed application must be submitted to the United States Police & Fire Championships Office in San Diego. The application must include the following information: the reason the award should be given to the nominee, number of years the nominee has participated/officiated in the Championships, records set, accomplishments achieved, short biography of the nominee, and the support the nominee has provided for the Championships.

In order for the nominee to be considered for this award, the Hall of Fame application must be received at the United States Police & Fire Championships Office by November 1st of each year.


A “Hall of Fame” committee will be established consisting of members of the California Police Athletic Federation. The committee’s responsibility is to review the applications of the nominees who are being considered for the Hall of Fame award. The committee will report their findings and recommendations to the Board at the spring meeting. At that spring meeting, the Board will vote to determine which individuals will receive the award. A majority vote will be required in order for an individual to receive the award.


The recipient of the Hall of Fame award must meet the following criteria in part or in whole:

  • Member in good standing with the United States Police & Fire Championships.
  • Must have devoted time and effort to the betterment and promotion of the California Police Olympics, California Police Summer Games, California Police and Fire Games, the Western States Police and Fire Games, or The United States Police & Fire Championships
  • Shown a special dedication to a sport(s)/Games.
  • Participated in or supported the Games for a period of ten (10) years or more.
  • Set a world record.
  • Served on the Board of Directors of the CPAF in good standing for minimum of (10) years.
  • The award can be awarded posthumously.
  • Recipients may be active or retired.


The recipient of the award will receive a plaque acknowledging their achievements. The Hall of Fame Committee will select the plaque that will be awarded. The committee will also determine the inscription that will be placed on the award. This is a tribute for providing an example for police and firefighters throughout the United States.

If practical, the recipient of the award will receive his/her award at the United States Police & Fire Championships. The time and date of the presentation of the award will be determined by the Board for a mutually agreed upon time between the recipient and the Board. If practical, the Board President will present the award to the recipient. Consideration should be given to have the media present when the award is presented.

At least one individual will receive the Hall of Fame award each year, but not more than four individuals will receive the award per year.

The United States Police & Fire Championships Office in San Diego shall purchase and maintain a perpetual award plaque with one inscription for each recipient’s name. The year that the recipient received the award shall also be listed next to the recipient’s name.

The recipient’s names will be listed on the United States Police & Fire Championships web site. If appropriate, the Board President or Executive Director will submit a letter to the recipient’s agency notifying them of the recipient’s accomplishments.

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