• To be eligible to participate in the USPFC, an athlete must be publicly employed as a full time Peace Officer or Firefighter; or, a retired Peace Officer or Firefighter and, be employed by/retired from an eligible agency within the USA.
  • See lists under “Eligible Agencies”
  • Any person terminated from the service for less than honorable reasons shall not be considered eligible to compete regardless of length of service or retirement status.
  • Civilian employees of eligible agencies are NOT eligible to compete; nor are spouses of eligible athletes unless the spouse is eligible in his/her own right. If you are unsure of your eligibility status, contact the USPFC PAGE 6 REGISTRATION INFORMATION Headquarters office.
  • Athletes claiming “retired” status MUST be retired from an eligible agency.
  • The USPFC has developed criteria for the purposes of determining eligibility for “retired” Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters.
  • The primary retirement status definitions for eligibility are: Normal Retirements, Deferred Retirements and Disability Retirements.
  • Contact the USPFC Headquarters in San Diego, if you are unsure of your status. Any person claiming “Disability Retirement” must, upon request, provide a sport-specific medical release authorizing that person to compete in the sport.


  • Any person that enters the Championships, or attempts to enter the Championships knowing that he/she is ineligible, or any coach or competitor that enters another person knowing that such person is ineligible, without having first obtained official approval, will be disqualified from the Championships.
  • Any team with an ineligible player will be disqualified.
  • No refunds will be made in these situations.


  • If a person, otherwise qualified to enter the Championships, knowingly joins a team (including Doubles) on which he/she is ineligible to compete, that person shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
  • If another competitor, Team Captain or coach knowingly allows a person otherwise qualified to enter the Championships, but who is ineligible for that team, to join the team, that team’s representative and the team shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and disqualification.
  • If it is discovered that a team member, otherwise qualified to enter the Championships, has joined the team, but is ineligible to do so, the team is immediately disqualified from competition, and is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


  • All eligible agencies must be specifically approved by the United States Police & Fire Championships.
  • The USPFC may approve additional agencies, job descriptions and individuals if, after examination, it finds their duties to be that of a full-time, publicly-employed Peace Officer or Firefighter.

Specifically Approved Agencies

  • Municipal, County, and State Fire Departments
  • Municipal and State Police Departments
  • County Sheriff’s Departments
  • County, State & Federal Corrections Officers
  • County and State Probation Officers
  • County and U.S. Marshal’s Offices
  • Federal Fire Services (Civilian)
  • District Attorney’s Investigators
  • Harbor/Port Police and Fire Departments
  • State & Federal Bureaus of Narcotics
  • State & Federal Departments of Fish and Game
  • State & Federal Departments of Forestry
  • State Alcoholic Beverage Control Officers
  • State Highway Patrol State Investigators
  • State Lifeguards (with “Peace Officer” status)
  • S. & State Parole Agents
  • S. Border Patrol
  • S. Bureaus of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
  • S. Criminal Investigators
  • S. Customs Services
  • S. Customs and Border Protection
  • S. Department of Commerce: Special Agents
  • S. Dept. of Treasury Criminal Investigators
  • S. Federal Bureaus of Investigation (F.B.I.)
  • S. Immigration & Naturalization Services
  • S. Postal Inspectors
  • S. Secret Service Agents
  • Accredited University & College Police

Other agencies not listed here may be specifically approved/ disapproved by the USPFC. Please contact the USPFC headquarters if you are unsure of eligibility. Personnel who are not members of agencies such as those listed above, but believe they may be eligible, should complete the “Entrant Eligibility Questionnaire” at the USPFC web-site: www.uspfc.org. Complete the form and submit it to the USPFC headquarters.


Agencies or classifications specifically EXCLUDED are:

  • Military Police and Fire Departments
  • Volunteer Fire Departments
  • Los Angeles County Fire Department Lifeguards
  • Private Business Fire Departments
  • Sheriff’s Reserves Police Cadets, Interns, or Community Service Officers
  • Private Security Services
  • Private Paramedic Services Paramedics (without Firefighter status)
  • Police Reserves
  • Auxiliary Police
  • Pre-employment Police Science Students
  • Seasonal firefighters or Smoke-jumpers
  • Municipal Corrections Officers (Except as specifically approved)



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